Whats the Bloody Point?
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Scam 2 (started May 4, 2003)         Sends £5 and very very dumb - Closed
Barrister Abuoma Sadiq  a solicitor at law v Professor George Wadaloop Muffin
blue = good guys     red = bad guys
Opening email
Enter Professor George Wadaloop Muffin, retired Professor of Stock Car Ergonomics
This one's so dumb that he replies with the wrong false name
What's wrong with Barrister Abuoma Sadiq?
It's OK - it was his son, Phew!
Dangerous place full of uneducated con-artists and mad army generals
The Barrister demonstrates the wonderful education he obtained
I'll get some goats!
Can you remind me what story I'm using?
Your phone doesn't work
I'm out buying goats
The Barrister calls
...and follows up with email
My friends call me "Big Boy"
Dear Big Boy...
I heard voices on the phone telling me to kill my step-father
Just your cash please
I'll send £3,000
Sending me £3,000 is no big deal
When we meet I will let you try some of my medication
I do not know how I am not making sense
Hard to believe you are really a Barrister and not a street cleaner
Comes back for more
Money on its way - not
assuring you that with this transaction you are not going to loose any money
A very unhappy Big Boy!
"This is no Joke"
I am amazed at your stubborness
He's not budging
a sign that you are a criminal
Keep pushing
Thank you for all your insult
Dumb criminal
No, you send me a photo
I think I was correct about you being on drugs.
Please I am not on drug
My photo
Well he fell for it!
OK Send the £5
Once I send it I will inform you
Typing too fast
I sent you £5 in a birthday card
How did you know it was my birthday?
Account suspended
Scammer's money comes in a birthday card
Scammer has new email address
Are you a criminal?
Scammer gets lippy
Setting a little test
"I will not call your number for any reason what so ever"
I'm going to hold my breath until I'm sick
I am ready to give you the last opportunity
Telephoning to inform you that I bat for the other team
Your diction is just dreadful
Thank you for your trust
I can certainly be in Nigeria next week
That will be great
My flight details...
Change your flight immediately if you are serious
There is no other way
Your safety will be my responsibility
How can I possibly be wasting your time?
The ball is in your court
If I have to travel twice then so be it
I can not be calling you big boy as you dont behave like one
You should consider anger management classes
I can not call you big boy again
You need to increase your medication
Send Back my money immediately... or else

A Small Note
email: 419@whatsthebloodypoint.com
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