Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 2
Email 24
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Money on its way - not

From: ProfMuffin
To: jamesobiora
Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 15:46
Subject: Partnership Trust

Abuoma, I went today to my local WU office to send the money as requested. But there
is a problem. The man at the office told me that they have had a number of unhappy
customers who have sent money to Nigeria and then been ripped off.

I told him that you were a respectable Barrister and he said I should make two checks

He tells me that the way to prove you are genuine is to have you send me your
photograph holding a sign of my choice (that way I know it is not an old photograph)
and also for you to send me something small by Western Union first.

So Abuoma, to conclude this transaction quickly I need you to send me the following:

1. A photo of you holding a sign saying “Hello Big Boy”

2. £5 by Western Union

Once I have these two items I will know that you are genuine and will be happy to
conclude this transaction quickly. If you are agreeable (there should be no reason
why not) then I will send you the details of one of my local WU offices for the

If he has any brains, this should be the last email I send him

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