Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 2
Email 70
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Not exactly politically correct but these guys hate to have their ancestors bad-mouthed
and hate to be thought of as anything but macho.

From: ProfMuffin
To: abusadiq_21
Date: Mon 02/06/2003 19:34
Subject: Partnership Trust

Dear Moron,

I need to explain something to you. Please listen carefully because this is very
important. You are a mugu. You are a dumb scammer, thief. You are so dumb they
haven’t invented a word for the magnitude of dumbness your dumbness reaches. Your
ancestors must have been some of their generation’s dumbest, stupidest morons, for
them to have created such a dumb individual from their gene pool.

If they had a scale that measured dumbness you would be right there at the end but
only on the really expensive big dumbness rulers, as the normal ones wouldn’t be
marked so high.

If they had a museum of dumbness, they would have a ten metre replica of you at the
front door and sell special merchandise with your face on it. Hey, they’d probably
name the museum after you.

If you were in my kids’ class at school you would be the kid in the corner that
dribbles and everyone points at. The one who is given the round end scissors, in case
he’s dumb enough to cut his fingers off. You’d be the kid that pooed himself all
the time.

Your dumb emails, voice messages and tasteless birthday cards are all published on a
website for the viewing pleasure of the general public and we are all laughing at
your dumbness.

Your dumb thieving mentality will cause you to live a dumb, pitifully life. If you
have children now or in the future, (which is unlikely because I believe you are
probably a homosexual – after all you did phone to say so) they will not bring
their friends home from school out of embarrassment. They will claim to be orphans
rather than admit their dad is the dumbest 419 scammer on the planet.

Listen you dumb looser - I’m giving the money you sent me to a charity that helps
dumb people. So you never know, you may get it back one day as a handout or food

I’ll mail you later to let you know which charity has it, so that you can send them
one of your dumb letters.

Tell your boss that you are not cut out to be a 419 catcher for the following
1. You are dumb
2. You are so dumb you can't remember what email account you used originally
3. You are so dumb you can't remember what 419 scam story you used originally
4. You are so dumb you can't remember what name you used originally
5. You are dumb
6. You can't spell
7. You can’t type
8. You can’t string a decent sentence together
9. You are dumb

Think of this as a learning episode. You have gained a little bit of knowledge over
the last few weeks. Something that may help you later in life. You have learnt that
you are very dumb.

One more thing Mr Dumb, I have put a little message for you on the internet

And after that go here: xxx

That very last web page not shown as it will crash Internet Explorer

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