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Enter Professor George Wadaloop Muffin, retired Professor of Stock Car Ergonomics

Nice and simple to begin with
Using one of my other domains...

From: ProfMuffin
To: abuoma_sadiq
Date: 04 May 2003 13:17
Subject: Partnership Trust

My dear Barrister Sadiq,

Brotherly greetings indeed. Your email interests me greatly. I just
love Nigeria. I purchased my first wife from your magnificent
country over twenty years ago. Do you know Dr Paul Windmill? He is a
General Practitioner in Lagos? He's a real laugh. He bats for the
other team but who cares, we are all liberals aren't we?

As I say your "Partnership" interests me. Shame about the bloke and
his kids being massacred like that but I suppose you take that risk
when you drive in Nigeria.

Having just retired from my post as Professor of Stock Car
Ergomonics at the University of Stoke Newington, I find myself with
both time on my hands and some money to invest in just this sort of

Please send more details by return.

I remain sir your most obedient servant,

Professor George Wadaloop Muffin

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