Whats the Bloody Point?
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I heard voices on the phone telling me to kill my step-father

Mad? Me?

From: ProfMuffin
To: jamesobiora
Date: Sunday, May 11, 2003 at 18:25
Subject: Partnership Trust


I have received your email. I am delighted that we trust each other. You didn’t
answer my question. Do you know Chief Goma Onthejobbie? Is it safe to do business
with him? I was going to tell him about our little deal and see if he wanted to
assist. What do you think?

Abouma, forget about the phone call as I try very hard not to answer the phone and
let all calls go to answer machine. I have a big problem with the telephone. Around
twenty years ago I heard voices on the phone telling me to kill my step-father.
Sadly, on New Years Eve 1984 I attacked the poor man with an arc-welding torch.
Before I was restrained I had managed to burn his head to a blackened lump no larger
than the size of a tennis ball.

I was institutionalised as criminally insane for five years until they found the
right combination of medication to normalise my chemical imbalances. Happily I was
declared sane and released 14 years ago.

But dear friend, you can appreciate that I have to be careful not to trigger the
imbalances and for this reason I try not to use the phone directly. I listen to all
messages and get my secretary to respond verbally to anything that can’t be done by
letter, fax or email.

About the 1,865 pounds. What currency is this in? How much is a Nigerian pound worth
compared to the UK pound? Abouma, you will have to cover this small amount yourself.
My retirement money is on short term deposit and requires 7 to 14 days notice to take

Abouma, when do I get the $7 million of the LATE Mr. John Kratzer? I’ve just
committed to a number of goats at the livestock auction and need to buy a field or

Thought it best to help him out a bit so I dropped in
the bit about the LATE Mr. John Kratzer so that he knows what
scam he's meant to be doing.

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