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Dangerous place full of uneducated con-artists and mad army generals

String him along for a bit, Ignore the fact he is asking me for further details...

From: ProfMuffin
To: jamesobiora
Date: 07 May 2003 02:40
Subject: Partnership Trust

My Dear Abuoma

I am relieved to hear from you. I thought something may
have happened. Good idea about using you son’s
address. You are obviously a careful and highly intelligent
man. This is good and bodes well for future business.

One of my friends is of the opinion that Nigeria is a
dangerous place full of uneducated con-artists and mad
army generals. I told him that I was in correspondence
with a barrister from Nigeria and he didn’t believe that
anyone in Nigeria could make it through the basic school
system at high enough a level to make a Barrister. I
informed him that he was wrong and that your written
English and grammar seemed to me to be carefully
considered, delicate and fine.

He’s laughing on the other side of his face now, I can tell

As I say, I am please that you are fine and I look forward
to future business.

Professor George Wadaloop Muffin

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