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I'll get some goats!

From: ProfMuffin
To: jamesobiora
Date: Thu 08/05/2003 14:08
Subject: Partnership Trust


How are you today? I am very excited about this partnership I must tell you.

With the money, I think I'm going to buy myself my own herd of goats. I've always
fancied myself as a bit of a shepherd. I'll need to find a field or two too, as they
won't fit in my apartment.

Are you getting a little annoyed? I sense it in your emails. You must relax or you'll
die young and never enjoy the money.

What will you be doing with your share of the money do you think?

Here are my details:

Professor George Wadaloop Muffin
13 St. Credulous House
Portland Place

Telephone and Fax: +44 709 xxx xxxx

The telephone has an answer machine on it. So just leave a message.

That postcode is the BBC in London and the phone number (not shown in full)
is an Internet answering service that takes messages and faxes and
sends them to me as email. It also costs the sender money!!

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