Whats the Bloody Point?
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I have made my self clear

From: frankwhite156
To: smith.bidet
Date: Tue 30/09/2003 15:14
Subject: My position.

Mr Smith-bidet,
I have heard from Mr Smith that you got a mail
from Mr Obeya.I have therefore investigated this
matter and found it false.
You have not given me the simple courtsy of
letting me know your problem.I am most disappionted.
All necessary information has been given to you to
facilitate your transfer and yet you do not follow
that, even though it is from me.
I must warn you that i will have your funds
declared unserviceble as a result of your lack of co
operation , and that is final.
I am giving you until 2nd sept to pay your
performance bond and state your arrival date or i will
write and have your funds deposited into govt treasury
I have made my self clear.
Mr Frank White

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