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Scammer comes clean

If I can't have you no one can...

From: frankobeya200
To: smith.bidet
Date: 30 January 2004 10:13
Subject: Re: Important

Dear Big Turd,

Read this for details and understanding of what is going on.Since my partner want
to sideline me, well got to let you know so that there will be not 419 at all and we
will all go hungry and you go happy and not defrauded.





These web site will help you understand.I thought my partners were with me but they
tried to put me off the deal. U see.If you don't stop contact well soon you will pay
the performance fee or administrative dues and go over to insurance, that is if you
are lucky not to come personally.

Bye for now and consider your self lucky, if the origin of this transaction is from a
419, that means all is not real and that there is no money to take but yours.If you
doubt it , why not tell them you will meet who ever at the standard bank Johannesburg
.You will see that they do not actually work there.

Do not ask the address from them, just go through the normal means or you can search
and make inquires from the standard bank web site for those names.


Little boy from Lagos Nigeria

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