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changing Mr Obeya as payment officer might be impossible

From: ed_ward
To: smith.bidet
Date: Mon 15/09/2003 15:39
Subject: Re: This deal

Big Turd,
I apprieciate your instictive contribution to this transaction, But i must
confess, changing Mr Obeya as payment officer might be impossible. This is because of
ovious reasons as regards this transaction.
In my interest and in totality of our agreement please arrange for a trip to South
Africa, there you will sign for our funds and then we are reid of him.Please
understand that i have put my faith and trust in you.Any further delay might spell
doom to this whole transaction.
An official payment date has been scheduled which will be kept; if not by next
week , they might be problem.
Make your travelling arrangement and give me fit back. I will ensure in the best
of my capabilty that it goes smoothly.

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