Whats the Bloody Point?
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Interpol and FBI will also be on you

A threat from Franky

From: Frank Obeya
To: smith.bidet
Date: Mon 02/02/2004 19:21
Subject: Understand

Big Turd,
Thank you for this mail.i will like you to go down memory lane and understand the
genesis of this transaction.If you have to go ahead with this, You have to remember
Eddy .
Eddy as i know is the origin of this and it will be most unfair to sideline
him.Eddy is the good guy.I know how this transaction started and if i wanted to stop
it, notified the necessary authorities.
All i just need to do is to write to the management of standard bank, Brief Mr Smith
On what is going on, Write also to the authorities of Union bank of Nigeria, and also
to the United states Embassy telling of the situation and how you lay unlawful claims
to the property of Late Mr Cole their Late citizen.
Off course you know what will happen, a search will be placed on you and also the
Interpol and FBI will also be on you as a possible fraudster and i you know what it
will result to.Mr Smith will also Dennie you and when things go sour like this , even
the bank will .This will off course start up series of investigation into your
affairs and you know what that can do to your reputation .
Why don"t we reconcile our differences and understand each other.I am willing to
take the job but i tell you , There is no deal with out eddy please understand.I can
get across to eddy and maybe you two can reach a compromise.You may even pay him off
or what ever you two agree on.
I like you and i want to be loyal but see the out come.
Bye for now

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