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Frank Obeya is back

From: frobeya2000
To: smith.bidet
Date: Mon 22/09/2003 12:13
Subject: Re: Fund Transfer.

I received your flight details through Mr. Smith, are you coming here in Johannesburg
South Africa for our transaction or do you have another transaction that you are
coming here for? Why i ask this question is this, if you are coming here for our
transaction i will send a taxi cab to pick you from the airport, i will book a hotel
reservation for you as well.

Confirm this, the taxi will be at the airport with a placard written "NO 112" this is
how you will know that he is from me.

I wait your immediate responce.


They had to try to get Frank Obeya back in as he's the guy
actually in South Africa. The President is the same guy as
Eddy and is in Nigeria.
Communication is not their strong point.

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