Whats the Bloody Point?
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I have asked Mr White to take you off this case

From: smith.bidet
To: frobeya2000 and ed_ward
Date: Monday, September 22, 2003 at 12:45
Subject: Re: Fund Transfer.


Delightful to hear from you. I am now dealing with the President of your bank, Mr
Frank White. Mr Frank White has my full instructions and requirements. But I will
provide them once more so that there is no confusion:

1. Please note that I will not be travelling under my true name.
I will use one of my other passports. I have not decided
which yet. However I expect to be met at arrivals promptly.

2. At the airport I will need to be met by Mr Frank White holding
a sign so I can identify him. As a matter of security, the sign
should not have my name but should instead have one of
my aliases and one of my smaller companies.

3. Please make sure the sign reads as follows:
"Meeting John Worfin
from Planet 10 Limited"
This is absolutely necessary. If I do not see that sign,
I will continue my travels immediately.

4. The flight details are as follows:
Delta Airlines flight 8512, arriving from Paris,
at 9:50 am, Tues. 23rd September.

Franky, delightful as you are, you are a flaccid old man's penis at business
transactions and I have asked Mr White to take you off this case. I do not expect to
see you at all while I am in South Africa

Please confirm that these arrangements are in order and please confirm that Mr White
will be at the airport to meet me with that exact sign. I await your response.

Big Turd

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