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He oviously is an important and busy man

From: ed_ward
To: smith.bidet
Date: Tue 16/09/2003 15:33
Subject: Frank white

Big Turd,
I how ever think that thius time around, you have a problem, therefore we have to
contact him.He is not like Obeya you know. He oviously is an important and busy man.
I will only write an introductory letter to him and send to you a copy for
confirmation.If he feels most releaved to contact you, then he will . if not you have
Dear friend, as you can see, my hands are tied. If we do not make a head way by
the end of this week, i will have to find and alternative.
By the way, i tried to call you . Did you get my message as you do yours.Please
know that this is very important to me.

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