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Please arrange for arrival again

From: frankwhite156
To: smith.bidet
Date: Thu 25/09/2003 18:07
Subject: Our differences

Dear Mr Smith-bidet,
I am must regretful of the last incident,this was due to lack of communication
between both sides.Please arrange for arrival again .
I other not to waste much time, i would want us both to fine tune all process
and details of this transaction and keep it ready for our meeting /your arrival.This
would be good off course as you will only need to be signing for the transfer during
our meeting.
Certain processes and procedure has to be followed and concluded in anticipation
of your arrival. These i believe you have an idea.As i wait for your arrival , you
are to arrange for the transfer of your performance bond fee, which i understand is
This should be concluded in other to avoid delay as i see that we are both
busy.I will have my secretary give you the necessary details you will be needing for
the transfer on your acknowledgment.Also give me your banking informations that you
will be intending to use for your coming transfer.This will enable us prepare and do
all necessary paper work before your coming.
Finally, i am expecting your arrival details in soonest time.
Frank White

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