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Our bank places much interest in costumer

From: frankwhite156
To: smith.bidet
Date: Tue 16/09/2003 20:18
Subject: your funds

Mr Smith-Bidet,
I will start by asking about your day?Hope all is
well.My sincere apology for you disatisfaction in the
abilities of our consultant and correspondant Mr frank
Obeya.I assure you that this will not repeat.
Our bank places much interest in costumer
satisfaction , that is important to us.Your attorny Mr
Edward Smith has been on me to clear this
transaction.He tells me that you happen to be full of
potencials and affluent personality.
For this reason, and for your ovious
disatisfaction, I now will supervice this
transaction.You will therefore arrange for a trip here
in South Africa, so we can conclude this
transaction.Forward to me your travel/arrival details
as i will like to meet you personaly at the airport on
I advice you make this trip before 23rd of this
month. This will enable me to be present and
surpervice your transfer and hold other discussions if
necessary.Also come with your performance bond fee as
was directed by your payment officer.
Frank White

Frank White and Eddy seem to share the same IP address.
Yet one is in South Africa and the other Nigeria.
Must be magic.

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