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your fax line was not going

From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: Wed 27/08/2003 19:35
Subject: i want you to send me your current fax number

Dear uncle Stink,

A very nice day to you,

I actually sent you a mail before now and i also was informed
by the bank officials at the bank when I went to see the bank
director,although i was unable to see him in person but his secetary told me that
they were trying to send you a form for you to fill and return to them but your fax
line was not going and she was even telling me that the number seems to be a mobile
phone number so I dont know if it is a fax number, so i am asking you to provide me
with a fax number to give to them so that they will be able to send you the form.

Uncle Stink ,I am looking up to you for the sucessful transfer of this fund as soon
as posible.

I wait to hear from you soonest as i have planed to visit the bank director again

Best regard,


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