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Costing money - there's a surprise!

From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: Wed 27/08/2003 14:28

Dear Uncle Stink,

Thank you for giving me a go ahead of contacting the lawyer myself because that has
produced good result today,for I was with him and we both went to the Federal
ministry of justice together to get the documents arranged.

At the ministry of justice we gathered that to get one document through that we need
$1,200.00 dollars because they are sensitive bank documents and because we need
three of such documents that means that we will need a total of $3,600.00 plus
$1,000.00 been the Lawyers consultance fees.

I got to know that from the ministry of justice that we can get this document
collected as from tomorrow because the lawyer will do more assignment for us due to
the fact that since you will not be coming down to sign for the fund released order
then you can give the lawyer a power of attorney to help sign the fund released order
on your behalf simply because your name and account is where the fund will be
transfered into.

I will await your quick response to this effect.

Best Regards.


Do you think she's asking for money? I'll ignore this one.

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