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i advice that you taminate any further corresspondance

From: xtosamba_ci
To: shagnasty
Date: Thu 06/11/2003 06:55

Dear Nigel,

Complement of the day to you.

I have warned you that any business that you are having with anybody in south africa
is at your own risk because i spoke with Dr Mike David Kante this morning and he
denied that he does'nt have any senoir international remittance officer and has also
decided to report this issue to the bank president ,

So i am sounding this again as a warning that you are doing another transaction and
my fund is still with bank of africa here in cote d'ivoire.

Your responce is hifghly needed and i advice that you taminate any further
corresspondance with any person that you are dealing with for now till we fish out
what is happening first before you can proceed or else you might end up regreating
every step that you are taking .

cheers and remain bless.

best regard

Maureen Adje.

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