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it is not my transaction that took you to south africa

From: xtosamba_ci
To: shagnasty
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 13:35

Dear Nigel Shagnasty-Farder,

I really dont know what to say because I am not sure you know what you are doing,You
were instructed by Uncle Stink to come to assist me in the release and transfer of
the fund my late father deposited with bank of africa here in Cote d'Ivoire,

So i see no reason why you have to go to south africa and I dont think you are in the
process of transfering this fund that my late father deposited because it is not
posible for you to do that on my behalf without my knowledge.

I would want to know who is Mr Jonnathan Tadobe and how he became the senior
international remittance officer this is because the bank has only one international
remittance officer that I know which is Dr Mike David Kante.

I still dont know or rather understand what you are saying that you are in south
africa doing the transfering of my late fathers fund when the fund is deposited here
in abidjan.

Sir,I am dying slowing from this arrangement that you are telling me about ,I have
never been to south africa ,I believe you are into some other transaction somewhere
,not my own transaction because this fund in question is deposited here and the bank
officails were with me at the international airport yersterday and we waited in vain
till all the passengers came off the aircraft that you gave me the flight scedule and
for your information ,the bank was not surpose to claim any amount from you ,the
required some documents from us and as we went tothe ministry of justice for the
required documents they asked us to pay legal charges to obtain it that was the
reason for the four thousand six hundred u.s.dollars that you were surpose to come
with and another additional one thousand u.s dollars for opening of a new bank
account .

So ,i would want as a matter that requires urgency for you to contact my bank
presindent to verify this transaction or you rather contact the international
remmittance officer Dr Mike David Kante on his direct line immediately ++225 0736

I will also want you to give me the direct telephone line of the Mr Tadobe you said
contacted you to change your flight schedule and his
full contact details ,

I personally want to make it clear to you that anything that you are doing in south
africa you are doing at your own risk,this is because it is not my transaction that
took you to south africa and i have also contacted Ucle Stink and he instructed me
that you are capable of assisting me in this transaction and even the bank did not
know about your coming until i contacted them about you coming so if you say that the
bank senior international remmittance officer intructed you to change your flight
routh when you quite know that this said sum is deposited in this country then you
must be telling lies maybe you are looking for a srategy to steal the fund that Unle
Stink gave to you to cover any expences that we might need to incure during the
transfering of this fund.

i want to hear from you immediately so that you will not fall victim to which
transaction you are doing with south africa people.

i am waiting for a better explanation what is going on and also the contact of the
bank officails that you said you are dealing with and also which transaction as the
official bank lodgement reciept of this deposited fund and the certificate of fund
origin issured by the bank on the day of deposite are here with me.

waiting to hear from you soonest.

sincerely yours


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