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The Deal!

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He's changed his email address...

From: Dominic Goma [dominicgoma@email.com]
To: Glockenspiel@whatsthebloodypoint.com
Date: 03 May 2003 14:06
Subject: Re: Dear Sir, More Details / The Documents.

Dear Sir Gerald Womo Milton Glockenspiel,

Thanks for your email message which I received in good faith, In
fact I am happy that I have at last found a worthy partner in this
laudable financial transaction, I have to reassure you once again
that this transaction is risk free. As per the sharing formular, I
would rather agree to 70/30 sharing formular, that is 70% for me and
30% for you.

The next step is for you to send me via email the following
information:- The requested information will enable a Lawyer (who I
will reconmend to you) to swear to an affidavit of claims at the
High Court here in Abidjan on your behalf as the proposed next of
kin to the deceased with the aid of the following documents which I
will send to you now as attachment (1).Dead Certificate of the Late
Mr. Kelly Barry (2). A Copy of the Deposit Certificate of the funds,
and (3). The Deposit Agreement between the late Mr. Kelly Barry and
the Bank of Africa, (I got this last two documents from the Bank's
Vault). The Lawyer I will reconmend to you is not supposed to know
that I am involved as an insider in the Bank, but I will use my
inside information to make sure that everything goes smoothly, This
will only take few days to conclude, and after that we would start
the processing of the documents for remittance of the funds
(US25Million plus the accumulated interest of the past four years)
into your designated bank account.

Therefore, we would need from you, (1). Your personal Telephone/Fax
numbers for easy and smooth communication, (2). Your full names and
address would also be needed as this would be incorporated in the
Affidavit of claims authenticating you as the original next of kin
to the deceased.

We would also want you to send to me your BANKING DETAILS as we
would use this in our application for claims on your behalf to the
BANK OF AFRICA, Abidjan- Cote d' Iviore, as the proposed next of kin
to the deceased / beneficiary of the funds.

As ealier stated in my first email to you, all arrangements have
been carefully and painstakingly perfected for the past few years
with the sole aim of getting this US$25 Million released to you as
the authentic ext of Kin to Late Mr. Bary Kelly, no question would
be asked from you as we would defend everything over here.

So my dear Sir Gerald Womo Milton Glockenspiel, I would greatly
appreciate it, if you would kindly send to me the above requested
information immediately for us to proceed, for at the end of the
successful transaction, I and my colleague would make adequate
arrangement to fly down to your Country for disbursement of the
funds. At this point, I have to reassure you once again that this
transaction is risk free and safe. For Security reasons you can as
well reach me on this email address - (dominicgoma@email.com)

Expecting your immediate response, while I would want you to call me
on my personal telephone Number 00 225 07774012 for more verbal
details and familiarisation, and as soon as I received the above
requested information from you, I shall send to you immediately the
name and contact address of the Lawyer that would assist in the
legalisation of making you the true Next of Kin to the late Mr.
Kelly Barry.

God Bless you.

Sincerely yours
Dominic Goma

The documents he enclosed are here

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