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Would you like a Stoat?

I think I'll offer him a stoat...

From: Glockenspiel@whatsthebloodypoint.com
To: dominicgoma@email.com
Date: 04 May 2003 01:27
Subject: Re: Dear Sir, More Details / The Documents.


I appreciate your speedy response. I think you are selling yourself
short. I indicated that a 40/60 split (60% to me) would be
acceptable and you reply with an offer of 70% to me. Your business
acumen is not what it should be. You could learn something from me,
let me tell you. You don’t get to be the 2001 World Champion stoat
racing trainer by being a shmendrik.

Look, I have no intention of accepting 70%. I am more than happy
with 60%. You must have young mouths to feed? Have you a wife and
children (send photos, I like photos).

Dominic, before we do business I want to send you a gift. My prize
stoat has just had a new litter of pups and I’d like to present you
with one of the sturdier males. I don’t make this offer lightly as
the resell value of this little fellow would be close to $5,000.
With the correct training you could have a real money earner here.
Are you a betting man? Do you follow the stoat races?

You must find out if there is any problem importing live animals in
to your country. I will cover all the import costs. Please let me
know if there are any restrictions or tax penalties on stoat import
and I will arrange transportation by return. Obviously I will need
your address.

Thank you for the papers. I note however that you have not answered
my questions about the poor unfortunate Mr Kelly. I will not rest
soundly until I have convinced myself that Mr Kelly has been laid to
rest with dignity and that everything has been done to trace his
next of kin.

I do congratulate you on the way you have handled this matter so far
and I look forward to your response to my questions.

Keep well Dominic, there’s a good chap.

Sir Gerald Womo Milton Glockenspie

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