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Enter Sir Gerald Womo Milton Glockenspiel, the stoat trainer

OK let's see if we can start ridiculous and get worse.
Notice I claim my surname matches the deceased and
then sign off without using that name.

From: Glockenspiel@whatsthebloodypoint.com
To: domgoma@libero.it
Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 19:04:28 +0000
Subject: Re: Urgent Assistance, (Great Financial Reward).

My Dear Mr Goma,

Your recent email has been passed to me by my very good friend Sydney

Sydney found your letter a little difficult to understand and knowing
of my interest in the African Continent (I once dated an African woman
who unfortunately gave me a bad dose of the clap) thought it may be of
interest to me. Coincidentally my surname is also Kelly, so this could
make matters a little easier.

Your letter is certainly interesting but poses more questions than it
answers. For instance, where has Mr Barry Kelly been laid to rest?
Have you ensured that his final resting place is proper and dignified?
Did he have any form of identification on him or any provided to your
institution beforehand that indicates a home address and a country of

I am most sad to hear of the death of this gentleman alone in a
foreign country. How can you be so sure he has no next of kin?

Anyway, down to business. Your proposal interests me greatly but an
80/20 split is insulting. I would be interested in assisting you but
we need to be looking a bit closer to a 40/60 split. After all this
could go wrong and I have my reputation as a well known stoat racing
trainer to consider (2001 World Champion). There is nothing more the
other stoat trainers would like than to see my reputation tarnished
by a murky financial transaction.

I await your response.

Sir Gerald Womo Milton Glockenspiel

(he'll never believe that!)

NOTE: I decided to start this site after I first used the address Glockenspiel@whatsthebloodypoint.com.
Any half-way intelligent Internet user would immediately have a look at the web site associated
with whatsthebloodypoint.com and see his correspondence splashed all over it.
Dominic Goma on the other hand...

However in future I will not be using the whatsthebloodypoint.com domain for email to the
"The Lads from Lagos". I have a number of other dormant domains that will be put to use.

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