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all the funny games that you have been playing with me

From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: Tue 23/09/2003 02:14
Subject: Re: Concerned

Dear Godfather,

I've seen so many things
I ain't never seen before
Don't know what it is
I don't wanna see no more.

Complement of the day to you and how are you today.I have just got you two mails that
you have sent to me ,the latenest to recieved your mail is that I have have been sick
and on my last visit to the bank presidents office ,I told him all about what has
been happening to me regarding this transfer that I wanted them to effect to the bank
account that you have provided and the fifty us dollars that you require me to send
you before your bank can be sure of this transaction.

Sir,he adviced me accordiling that I should not continue this transaction with you
anymore due to the following facts;you friend or your bank manager asked you to tell
me to send you money when you actually know my situation,I first contacted you with
the hope that i need your assistance in this transaction as you already know I have
never be involed in banking proceedure and instead of you assisting me you keep
giving me conditions each mail i send you you end up turning me around and calling me
names that I can not comprehen.

Sir,if you really still want to help me you should call the attention of the bank
president who has already told me that he will do anything to assist me in the
sucessfull transfer of this fund ,but he warned me that as soon as this money hits
your account that you will provide you might likely betray the trust that i
willinging bestowed on me and that your friends will surely be confusing you about
how to cheat on me ,because you can not do things on your own and also dont have
confidence in yourself.

Thank you anyway for your concern

If you still instite to assist me in the transfering of this fund we must first go
into an agreement between the two of us firstly before i can believe that you will
not try to cheat me.

I await to hear from you soonest and for this transaction we can not proceed until I
hear your explanation about all the funny games that you have been playing with me
because you know that i am a little girl that is why you are tomenting me like this.

Also note that i have handed over every thing to the bank president and if we must
continue right now I will want you to call the bank president first to discuse about
how he will intend to effect the transfering of the fund and also gurantee that you
will not betray the trust and hope i have layed on you.

after all this is done before we can proceed.

Best regard,


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