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So stop sending me this your haertless plans

This one crossed with Gonad's so Maureen hadn't read Gonad's last email when this was sent.

From: xtosamba_ci
To: mcdangle
Date: Thu 04/09/2003 16:09

Dear Gonad McDangle,

A very nice day to you .

I have been recieving your mail resentely,and I dont know what you want from me and I
must let you know that I am not a party to your plans and never will ,so for your
imformation,I dont want you to be contacting me again.

If i need assistance from your boss would not make me start steeling in my life.I
already told you that If not for my late father's business associates and his
relatives who would not let me get rest because of the fund my late father left
behind for me as his next of kin and only surving child, I would not have gone as far
trying to leave Africa for U.K,I would want you to find out about my late father (Dr
ADJE SMITH)wealth and his personality before his death.I have a huge amount left
behind for me by my late father,

please for the sake of GOD try and look for somebody else to assist you in your
delvlish plans,because i can not see any reason why human beigns are so
wicked,immagine somebody that employed you and i know quite alright that he pays you
monthly salary,if he is rich that should be his hard work,why not try to work hard
,may be some day you can also be rich like him.

If i may ask you this question,If you happen to be rich tomorow and somebody very
close to you come to steel from you ,how will you feel,I have thought about this
whole issue and find out that people like you that are not ready to work hard for
your living are not surpose to live in this earth.

As i am now telling you strait that i will report you to your boss even if you have
to stop all my corresspondance to your boss ,Uncle Stink ,i know almighty God will
always prove you out one of this days ,you should know that your down fall is at


So stop sending me this your haertless plans.

best regard

from me .

What a load of tripe. I'm so tempted to mail Maureen the addresses of
her four other active 419 email accounts and a list of the
current potential victims (s)he is playing with.

It makes you wonder how someone can take such a false moral
high ground and still be able to look in the mirror.

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