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somebody named Gonad McDangle is intercepting my mails

From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: Thu 04/09/2003 15:45
Subject: i will have to stop this transaction ,till i hear from you

Dear Uncle Stink,

Pussycat, Pussycat
I've got flowers
And lots of hours

A very nice day to you today and how are you?I hope all is well?. I actually sent
you a very inportant message that has kept me confussed since yesterday but till now
I have still not heard from you.What actually seems to be the reason why I have not
heard from you that I can not understand till I hear from you.

At this point in time ,I will want to taminate all correspondance now with you until
I hear from you ,this is because somebody named (Gonad McDangle) among your household
is intercepting my mails to you and I strongly belive that if this same person who
has been so in human to be giving proposal to steal your money will also know when my
fund is been transfered and as a result might lay ambush to steal away my money and I
will not be able to do anything because i am here in Africa and at the same time
because he has knowns that I am a little girl.

Uncle Stink,I am totally confused to trust anybody any longer,The arttoney who was to
assist me in obtaing the necessary documents required by the bank before they can
transfer the fund out to the bank account that you provided to them has travelled to
armsterdam yesterday and would not be back till weekend.I have also told my late
fathers bank where this fund was deposited to stop all further transfer process with
you untill I instruct them to do so.

Uncle Stink,I thought I have finnaly find safety and peace with you after all that I
have passed through since the death of my late father but everything seems to be the
same everywhere in the world.

If i may ask you a question, why is the world so crazy about money?

why everybody that has a little oppurtunity to outsmart somebody over his or her
wealth will want to even kill the person to inherit what does not actually belong to
him or her.My late father used to tell me much about greedy people ,I never knew it
will eventually happens to me.

I am totally confused on what to write you about this sudden proposal from your own
person and you know in one of your mail you made me understand that your butler which
happens to be the same person giving me this proposal to steel from you ,that you so
much trust him ,dont you think he might be pretending and have been waiting for an
opportunity like this to steal from you.

I am so sorry for all that has happened ,and I think I can no longer alow the bank to
transfer this fund to your custody because if the members of your house hold can not
be trusted ,then what will be my faith with you on my arrival for the investment of
this fund over there in U.K? will they not eventually poison and kill me before your
return from outing one of these days.I am seriousely scared to continue this

Uncle Stink,i will have to stop here now because i am totally confused,I dont even
know if this message will get to you but if it eventually gets to you and there is
hope to continue this transaction I would want you to find out why a person you
trusted so much would want to betray you just because of money,or he doesn't know
that we came into this world with nothing and so with nothing we will live the

I await to hear from concerning this issue.

Best regard,



Forwarded below is the the resent messages from your butler

Your email "GO THROUGH THIS AND GET BACK TO ME IMMEDIATELY." didn't make it to Sir

The rest of Gonad's last email followed.

Then the same email was sent again 10 minutes later with the title:

Well I suppose you have to give her/him full marks
for sticking to the story.

I especially like "why is the world so crazy about money?"

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