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$4,600 please

From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: Mon 01/09/2003 09:08
Subject: i will wait to hear from you so that we can proceed


It's good to touch the green, green grass of home.

I recieved your mail and the content was well understood,First ,i must not hesitate
to thank you for your concern for the success of this transaction.

The documents required by the bank are as follows.

(1). Documents that will show that we are partners.
According to the Lawyer he says it is AGREEMENT DOCUMENT between you and me.

(2).Certificate of change of ownership to bear your name as my partner/beneficiary
and the claimer of the fund.$1,200.

(3).The affidavite of claim to enable the bank effect the transfer directly into your
bank account that you have provided.$1,200.

(4).The lodgement reciept is already with me ,that is the document which I have given
to you before ,so i will include it as soon as we get the others and submit it to the
bank to effect the transfering of the fund to your provided bank account.

And the lawyer said he will paid a thousand dollars($1,000) too for the service he
will render in obtaing theses documents for us.so we are faced with an expenses which
will amount to $4,600.

As for a bank account,i dont have an account of my own here in abidjan,so Uncle ,i
will surgest you send me the money with my name through money transfer and send me
the information to my box so that i can go with the arttoney to ministry of justice
tomorrow to obtain theses documents.

I also thank you for your sugestion in applying the security codes to all our
correspondance,i really appreciate it because i have always been trying to see that
no body knows about this fund deposited by my late father with the bank due to his
advice before his death.

I will expect to hear from you so that i will have to inform the lawyer before hand
that he will be required to go with me to the ministry of justice tomorow morning to
obtain all theses relevant documents.

Best regard,


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