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please try to send the money to obtain the necassary documents

From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: Sat 30/08/2003 14:16
Subject: please try to send the money to obtain the necassary documents required by the bank

Dear Uncle Stink,

A very nice day to you and how is the day today?i hope all is moving positively.First
i must have to thank you so much for the steps taken so far in the successful
transfering process of this fund out of Africa to U.K

Uncle,i am very happy to know also that you have been making all arrangement already
for the sucessfull investment of this fund over there in your country.

The problem that i am faced with now is how to raise the money needed to obtain these
documents from the ministry of justice ,as i have already told you before now ,I am
just a girl of 19 years old and i am not a citizen of this country, I dont have that
amount of money presentely to pay for the obtaining of theses documents required by
the bank and i dont have any relatives around that i can meet for such an amount ,and
more over my late father adviced me before he finally died on his hospital sick bed
that i should not allow any of his relatives or his business associates to know about
the where about of this fund and he went as far as telling me not to go back to our
country SERRIA LEONE,been that the money was deposited in BANK OF AFRICA here in
Abidjan .If he eventually dies that i should move further to look for a foriegn
partner that can assist in the transfering of this fund out of Africa to his country
and I have to leave here to continue my education abroad and my choosen foriegn
partner will also be capable of assisting me in the investment of this money in a
profitable business venture while he will provide me with a good school to continue
my education and he or she will be the guidian of any investment venture we will have
to go into till I complet my education.

If you say that you will leave me to deal with the other matters,that means we will
have to delay in this transaction because I will have to travel to Freetown the
capital of our country where we use to reside to sell some of my late fathers
property ,this I already know will take a lot of time,and also in my attempt to do
that I will also exposing my life to danger because of the advice my late father gave
to me that when his relative and his business partners knows about the where about of
this money he deposited in the bank here in Abidjan the economic capital of Ivory
coast.they would want to kill me and made away with the money.

Uncle,i will still insist that you send the money required to the arttoney so that i
will have to follow him to the ministry of justice to obtain the documents required
so that this fund can be transfered to you in next week.

Uncle stink,I really dont want us to delay in this transaction due to the fact that
the political situation of this country presentely is not stable and as aresult i am
kin in living Africa in the nearest future,and you should also know that as soon as
this fund is transfered to you your expenses that you made will first of all be
deducted before we finally start with the investment process.

I am hoping on you for the sucess of this transaction and I will wait to hear from
you soonest so that i will inform the arttoney on when I will be coming to his office
for us to go to the ministry of justice together to obtain these documents required
to effect the transfer to your provided bank account.after which i will submit it to
the bank for them to transfer the fund to you because yesterday they recomfirm to me
atthe bank that as soon as the documents required are available they will wire the
money to U.K within seven(7) bank working days.

Thanks once again for your concern and I also pray that almighty God will also bless
you in all your own personal endervour.

Best regard ,


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