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From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: Tue 26/08/2003 13:16

Dear Uncle Stink,

I thank you most sincerely for the extent you have gone just try and let us conclude
because now that we have alarted the bank of our readiness in coming to collect our
fund please try and provide your time for this transfer so that we can have our money
and immediately start our investment together.

Immediately I saw your mail I first of all went to the bank to know exactly what they
want and what we must do and I was refer to the bank Legal department and your story
was confirmed that we need to submit all those documents as at when I went I got to
know from the bank that you have forwarded them with two of the requirement for the
transfer. I therefor ask them how can we get this rest one very good staff now refer
me to his friend who is a senoir advocate in this country which you will contact,
though I have met and spook with him over the issue and he has accepted to do it for
us but will be expecting that you contact him your self simply because you will be
the person that the transfer will be madein your name and your bank.

He is Barrister Davis Ike of Ike Davis Chambers his direct number is +225-0749-9491.
while his email is : davis_ike@yahoo.com

Should in case you will want to send mail to him first.

Please when you contact him just tell him direct for what we need him to do for us
because I have told him already.

remember that this below item is what we need him to do for us.

A. Documents that will show that we are partners.
According to the Lawyer he says it is AGREEMENT DOCUMENT between you and me.

B.Certificate of change of ownership to bear your name as my partner/beneficiary and
the claimer of the fund.

C.The affidavite of claim to enable the bank effect the transfer directly into your
bank account that you have provided.

D.The lodgement reciept is the document which I have given to you before so kindly
send a copy to the bank immediately.

From the above it means that what we need now is A, B and C since we already have D.

Do contact the lawyer to help us know how much it will cost us to obtain those three
documents needed urgently.

waiting to hear from you soonest so that we can proceed.

best regard


First a banker and now a lawyer.
This baiting business is getting complicated.

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