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Mucus, Scotum and Brown-Nose Merchant Bank

From: smith.bidet
To: bank_of_africaci and xtosamba_ci
Date: Monday, August 25, 2003 at 16:48
Subject: Your Email

Hello Philip and Maureen,

I'm a bit lost now. It looks Philip wants the following:

A. Documents that will show that we are partners
B. Document of partnership
C. The Lodgement reciept issued the day the money was deposited
D. Affidavite of claim

The above four documents Maureen will provide to Philip no doubt.

E. Your bank particulars where the money will be transfer into
F. Telephone and fax numbers

That bit is easy, here we are:

Mucus, Scotum and Brown-Nose Merchant Bank
MSB House
South Peefield

Account Name: Sir Norman Gorman Smith-Bidet III
Account No: 00688308
Sort Code: 77-00-14

My Tel: 070 920 XXX XX
My Fax: 070 920 XXX XX

Keep in mind that fax and email is better as I rarely take my calls personally.

Your Uncle Stink

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