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here it is direct contact of the bank manager

From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: Wed 20/08/2003 18:24
Subject: please ,get back to me as soon as you contact the bank

Dear uncle Stink,

I thank you for your mail ,

your mail message was recieved with the content well understood.

i have sent you the contact of the bank director of the bank my late father deposited
the fund before in my previous mail before you traveled and also their contact is in
the lodgement reciept that my father used to deposite this money in the bank that i
sent to you .

here it is direct contact of the bank manager,so that you can hurry up in contacting
him for the transfering of the fund to the bank account that you will provide.


TEL/00225 0552XXXX
FAX /00225 2126XXXX
E-MAIL: bank_of_africaci@XXX

Uncle Stink,

please when contacting the bank introduce yourself as one of my late father's foriegn
business associate and my choosen foriegn partner too.and instruct them that i asked
you to contact him for the release of this money to the account that you will provide
to them.

Goodluck and God bless you for your assistance.

best regard,


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