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please hurry up to contact the bank and instruct them

From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: wed 20/08/2003 11:47
Subject: please get back to me as soon as you contact the bank director


How are you today and how is business,i guese all is well with you over there in
the UK.your mail was recieved and the content well understood,provided the business
is a profitable business venture.

first, i must let you know that i trust and really on you now and i also intend
that you will be my godfather in the nearestfuture,

infact i can not wait to be with you over there in the UK. so as a matter that
needs urgency because of the unstable political situation of this country right now
due to the recent break out of rebel forces against the government of this country ,i
went to the bank where my late father deposited this money and discuse at lent with
the bank manager who made me understand that as soon as they hear from you they will
effect the transfering of the fund to the account you will provide overthere in your
country .

and i also intend that as soon as this fund gets to your custody i will have to come
over to the UK to meet you and also look for a good school to continue my

Uncle Stink,

please hurry up to contact the bank and instruct them on which bank account you would
want them to transfer the fund.

best regard,


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