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I don make some guymen angry

Jonnathan Tadobe is feeling bad and offers 50% back

From: jonnathantadobe
To: xtosamba_ci
Date: Fri 12/12/2003 07:27
Subject: Business

Brother, how u dey?

I realy been de feel bad over our once true brotherhood, honestly from my heart I am
your man for life, anything that will bring progress for u I will do wityhout
thinking twice!! I don make some guymen angry and I hear na dey wan hole me and beat
me die, I catch afraid am.

Bro, I dey propose we kill and divide 50:50 money ur maga don drop before, you must
forgive me what I don dey and abeg u still put me in ur schedule

Abeg una forgive me and my Bro God will bless u imensly for helping out your friend
in need abeg you in Jesus name

God bless you cheers,

Ur brother
Jonnathan Tadobe (call me Michael)

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