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Your money is waiting

New angle. I don't expect it to be successful.

From: smith.bidet
To: xtosamba_ci
Date: Tue 02/12/2003 02:16
Subject: Your money is waiting


Despite the fact that you stole $18,000 from me, I feel morally obliged to write to
inform you that I have just sold our Dwarf Throwing Complex for a considerable

As I am a man of honour, I feel bound be our original verbal partnership agreement.
So I have been doing some calculations as follows in UK sterling:

Initial investment by you = 1,700,000 (still to be paid)
interest on 1,700,000 borrowed from me to cover above = 37,500
$18,050 release fee paid by Nigel to your bank = 10,500
(at today's exchange rate)

Total amount owed by you = 1,748,000

Total income from disposal after all expenditure = 4,762,075
50% share = 2,381,037

less 1,748,000 owed (see above) = 633,037

less Nigel's approximate expenses gives around 630,000

So Maureen your total profit is UK Pounds 630,000. The money is on deposit at my bank
awaiting your instructions. Please let me know what you would have me do with it.

Your Uncle Stink

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