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From: adje b maureen
Date: Wed 30/07/2003 13:06
Subject: your urgent assistance is needed in this transactuion

Dear Respected one,

I write to solicit your assistance for a transaction of mutual benefit,believing that
you will treat this with utmost confidence.I implore you to excuse me of any
embarrassment this letter might cause you, as we have not met before.

I am Miss maureen adje charlse from Sierra Leone.The only surviving daughter of Mr
and mrs CHARLSE ADJE Before now l didn't have any problem, until l lost my parents
and my two brothers two years ago.

They were attacked by rebels on their way back from a visit.Only my father survived
the attack, he had severe bullet wounds. He was rushed to the hospital where the
bullets were removed after a surgical operation.My dad returned home after two weeks
feeling well and okay.

But two months later, my father became sick.His situation deteriorated so much that
he couldn't carry on with his work anymore.One day, he told me to prepare myself that
we have to travel to Ivory Coast, that he has to deposit some money (USD$16 000
000.00) in a Security Company in Ivory Coast for safe keeping.We then arranged for a
quick travel.The money was arranged in a trunk box and shipped to Ivory Coast by
diplomatic means.

At the Security Company in Ivory Coast, my late father deposited the trunk box as a
bonded shipment and he declared it as family treasures.My father made me the
beneficiary of the deposit.

Meanwhile,not too long we returned from Ivory Coast, my father died.After the burial
rights, my late father's brothers came to the house to inform me that my late father
willed all his properties to them.With this stupid news they brought me, l decided to
take them to court.Every time we go to court for hearing,the court ends up adjoining
the case.The court ordered that nobody should touch the properties until the case is
decided.And this is the second year running.I am at the moment living in Ivory Coast
for the fear that my uncles can attempt to kill me.

My father was a big time diamond dealer, he started having difficulties with bank
transactions in respect of making deposits and receiving payments for diamonds
purchased by his customers because of the United Nation's embargo on diamonds from
West Africa at that time.Because of the problem my father started storing cash in the

The problem l am faced with now, is how to get this money out of Ivory Coast to a
stable country where l can have the money secured in a bank.The worst of all is that,
l can not at this time declare the true content of the deposit to the Security
Company since my late father did not declare it at the time of deposit. And with the
rebel problem this country is faced with at the moment, l can be killed because of
the money.So right now, l am looking for a foreign partner that can assist me in
getting this money out of Ivory Coast to a safe country.

That is the reason why I offered you 15 % of the total money amount, and another 5%
in case of any other necessary expenses you might incure during and after this

Mind you,try your best possible to negotiate for me some profitable blue chip
investment opportunities which is risk free which I can invest with this money after
retrieving the consignments that contain the money out of the company and immediate
transferred to your designated account, personally I am interested in estate
management and hotel business, please advise.

I wait to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless.

Yours sincerely,

Miss maureen adje charlse

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