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i hope you are feeling cool

From: fredrick jones
To: norman
Date: Sat 16/10/2004 17:40

Hi norman,
how u doing i hope you are feeling cool,any way norman i just want to
inform you that i contacted my client about the check sent to you and he let me know
that you are going to recieve that by next week runs down ,cos he send that the last
time but been to the mistake of the address i made so the check was sent back to him
back by the poster man so by now i have to resend that to him so norman i want you
to be patience with me cos the check am sending to you is a sum of 10,000pounds so
you will remove the sum of amount of your boat you sell there and send the remaning
fund to my shipper immidiately so norman am assuring you that you going to recieve
that check coming week runs down so assoon as you recieve that try and get back to
me with an email. so that i can contact my shipping agency immidiately and also have
a rest of mind about this transaction. so norman how is your family and your health
again cos that is the most important in me i hope they are all alright thank be to
god amen
stay bless all the time

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