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St. Credulous day

Play for time, mention how rich I am. Oh, and it's St. Credulous day..

From: Glockenspiel@whatsthebloodypoint.com
To: dominicgoma@email.com
Date: 04 May 2003 22:35
Subject: Re: Dear Sir, Thanks, Urgent Reply Needed.


I am disappointed that we are unable to agree a 60/40 split in this affair.
However I have given the matter some thought I would be prepared to accept your
offer of 50/50.

I am glad you liked my photo. I pride myself on my youthful looks. How old
would you say I am? Be honest Dominic I can take it?

I am sorely sorry that you are unable to accept the stoat pup. In some ways
this shows your naivety in business. This is a pup bred from the finest stable
in the land and could have made you a very rich man. As we now seem to be
friends you must try and take lessons from me when it comes to matters of
business. I didn't make millions on the stoat racing circuits by not learning
from my elders and betters.

Dominic, can you remind me what it is you require next, as your moving of the
goal posts has quite put me off track.

It is St. Credulous day over here and we have just finished our family BBQ. So
I wish you and your family a very happy SC day and look forward to hearing from
you again.

Keep well my old codger


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