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He doesn't want the Stoat!

What sort of a man would refuse a stoat?...

From: Dominic Goma [dominicgoma@email.com]
To: Glockenspiel@whatsthebloodypoint.com
Date: 04 May 2003 20:13
Subject: Re: Dear Sir, Thanks, Urgent Reply Needed.

Dear Sir,

Good day to you sir and thank you for your photo and offer of gift, firstly, I
wish to let you know that what i said in my last message to you was that I
would agree to a 70/30 sharing formular which is 70% for me and 30% for you, I
hope you are not offended with this but on the alternative I might agree for a
50/50 sharing formular.

I am so elated for having contac with you, as per the animal you wish to send
to me, it would be very diffficult to take care of it here as we do not have
the facilities, thanks anyway. Again, I wish to inform you that the late Mr.
Barry kelly was duly buried and given a christian burial in one of the local
Cementries here, so you need not worry about that and we have exhaustively
searched for his next of kin without success, everything is safe from this end.

I just came a nearby cyberplace this sunday evening to send you this message, I
would scan and send you a family picture by tomorrow from my office, kindly
send me the requested details and your full particulars so that we can start.

Thanks as I await your immediate response, God bless you.

Dominic Goma.

Kelly was "given a christian burial" so this loving, considerate creature can't be a con man after all,
can he? I look forward to the photo.

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