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Account Terminated

From: Outblaze Abuse Desk
Date: Wed 14/05/2003 05:00
Subject: Re : Nigerian 419 Scam from your domain


Thank you for contacting the outblaze.com abuse desk.

The account you reported is now terminated, along with
today's quota of sundry other Nigerian generals, bankers,
engineers, attorneys and relatives of dead dictators.

Outblaze is one of the largest providers of webmail services in
the world. As a responsible ISP, we hate spam, and we do not
allow our network to be abused by spammers.

There is only one thing that we hate more than spammers - 419
(nigerian) scam artists abusing our systems.

Please see http://home.rica.net/alphae/419coal/ for more about
this well known scam.

Thank you for reporting this incident. Please feel free to report
further incidents of abuse originating from our users to us at

Thank You
Outblaze Abuse Desk

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