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conspiring with your late butler to divert this money

From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: Fri 26/09/2003 20:41
Subject: Re: Call to PHILLIP MOMOH

Dear Uncle Stink.

A Very nice day to you and your entire house hold.I recieved your mail message and
the content well understood.

I read your mail about your contact with the bank manager and was so surprise thatyou
said that the bank manager said he had no idea about this transaction.

I have actually been in contact with the bank director and he told me since he has
nothing to do in the transfering of the fund and that I have previously reported him
to the bank president about him conspiring with your late butler to divert this money
about to be transfered,that was why he decide to lie to you that he doesn't know
anything about this transaction as he has no power over anything that concerns this
particular money my late father kept with their bank,he went further to tell me that
he denied not identifying the voice of the bank president.

So ,Uncle Stink,I was at the bank to actually informed the bank president of your
intensions for him to call your Robert Slicker but my visit to the bank to see him
was proved abortive as I waited a long time to see him but could not so I had to live
a message with his secetary.

Sir,what is the way forward in this transaction ,because you have made me pass too
much stress lately and if not that my late father personally adviced me that I should
make sure I invest this money with the help of a foriegn assistance at your country
U.K,I would have withdrawn for a long time and what do you surgest we do now,because
the bank president has actually promised that there is a way he can assist me out in
this my predicaments,through their diplomatic connections but until he hears from my
partner ,so you will still be expecting to hear from him .

I await to hear from you soonest so as to know the best way forward in this

best regard,


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