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I need to show my bank that you are genuine

From: smith.bidet
To: xtosamba_ci
Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 at 12:26
Subject: Re: Bank Transfer


You did not use the secret phrase. Please be sure to use it next time.

Your email surprises me greatly. Firstly I am upset that you should be so insulting
to black people. To say that all black people are evil is nothing short of racism and
we have laws against that type of talk here. Was your father a right wing extremist?

Secondly, I am not sure you did understand the content of my bank manager's email. He
is suggesting that you may be part of an advance fee fraud. A similar suggestion was
made by the Western Union office to my late friend. So I must admit it now has me
doubting somewhat.

Maureen, I have to follow the advice of my friend and bank manager. As you have seen,
he says:
> The only way to be certain is to get your associate living over there
> in the toilet to send you some lose change, say $50 by bank or money
> transfer. If they are willing to do that then you can be sure they are
> not fraudsters.

So Maureen I am now asking you for a proof of your good faith. It is a small token
and it is not the money that's important, it's the gesture. I have got the $4,600
secured and ready to send. All I am asking is for a small token to prove your good
faith. I will add $100 to the total to make sure all your expenses are covered.

Maureen please arrange to send over by Western Union $50 for the name "Smith Bidet"
with secret phrase "--- --- ---".
THIS GESTURE is very important for me.

Don't make a mistake, I want to help you but I need to show my bank that you are

Your Uncle Stink

The next secret phrase remains as last time due to your lack of use.

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