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what do you suggest we do to get these documents obtain

From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: Thu 28/08/2003 20:48

Dear Uncle Stink,

Complement of the day to you and how is the day ?

I thank you for your mail and i am just coming from my visit to the bank and they
told me that they will send you the form to fill and return first thing tomorow

Sir,i also ment with the bank director and he made me understand that as soon as
you fill and return the form which they will forward to you and the documents
required is forwarded to them ,they will effect the transfering of the fund into the
bank account that you provided to them.

So as a matter that requires urgency ,which is due to the unstable political
situation of this country i would want us to proceed in this transfer so that i can
leave here immediately the fund gets to your account,So Uncle what do you suggest we
do to get these documents obtain, because the bank director made me understand that
the bank process in transfering the fund to your account will be concluded within the
next seven bank working days.

Sir, i would wait to hear from you so that we can proceed in contacting the arttoney
to assist us in obtaining theses documents required by the bank from the ministry of
justice .

i will wait to hear from you soonest

and also Uncle Stink,now that i have to be preparing to come over to U.K dont you
think it will be good for me to have your photograph so that i can know the person i
have choosen to be my godfather in the nearest future.

Best regard,


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