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contact the bank for the release of the fund

From: xtosamba_ci
To: smith.bidet
Date: Sat 16/08/2003 12:32
Subject: i would want you to contact the bank for the release of the fund.

Dear Uncle Stink,

A very nice day to you and how are you today?I hope all is well with you?.If so
thanks be to GOD almighty.i really have not heard from you and i belive you should be
back by now,

the political situation over here in Abidjan in geting worse due to the outbreak of
rebel forces rebeling against the government of this country,as as a matter of fact i
would want you to hurry up in this transaction by contacting the bank for the release
and transfering of the fund over to the bank account you will have to provide.

Secoundly,i would also want to hear your eldely advice on the kind of business
venture we will go into with this money as soon as it gets to you overthere in your

I will wait to hear from you soonest so that i can start preparing to come over to
the U.K

may GOD bless you for your concern,

best regard,


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