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don't you think thats a big thief?

From: gift4me007
To: norman
Date: Tue 23/11/2004 06:08

Hello Norman,
Great to heard that you mentioned crook in your message.if you're also not a
crook,why would you cashed someone else cheque and not sending his money,don't you
think thats a big thief?anyway,i need to explain somethings for you in other for you
not to go to jail concerning this business,because you cashed my cheque without
sending me my money,norman,if you know you don't want to go to jail,just get back to
me as soon as possible in other for me to tell you all what you're going to do
overthere for you not be picked up by cops.and norman before i can tell you this,you
have to send me sum of 2,500pounds first,and i will explain all things to you.
And about the business,it's very easy and straight forward,if you're interest
also,i'll tell you all what you're going to do about this also.
Get back to me immediately so we can proceed.
Yours Freddy.
N;B,Norman,i want you to realise that you made me loose somethings just because of my
money with you which you don't want to send for me(this is not propal),believe me.

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