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I was so upset/fedup whe i saw your message

From: gift4me007
To: norman
Date: Fri 19/11/2004 16:43

Hello Norman,
I was so upset/fedup whe i saw your message,norman,you know whats going to
happen,now i'm also in need of money,i'm no more interested in the boat anymore
because there's some consignment i called for times age now,i'm i really need money
for it,so norman,i will like to please you to do this for me,because my money it's in
your hand and i'm not there with you in u.k,i will like you to send sum of
5,500pounds to me either today or tommorrow inother for me to do what i wanted
to,norman,you know i'm talking to you being a honest man,so kindly get back to me if
it's possible for you to send the funds to me today for the information you will need
to send the funds.alright.
Expecting your fast response.

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