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Norman,why are you doing all this?

From: gift4me007
To: norman
Date: Fri 19/11/2004 13:23

Hi Norman,
Norman,why are you doing all this?because i can't
understand way you're talking now cos the money it's
with you right now,but remember norman,when you didn't
get the cheque,you're talking reall good,and thinking
you're a good seller,kindly tell me whats going on
norman,what's exactly reason you're reacting this way?
norman,you know it's very easy for me to contact my
client back to stop the payment on the cheque,and the
cheque exchange would come to you that they've stop
the payment,and have their funds back,you know that
norman,right?So if you really want to transact with
me,kindly contact the shipping agency for their
information to claim the funds,and if you know that
you've sold the boat for another person,kindly inform
me in your next mail,okay so we can proceed in what to
Expecting your fastest response.

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