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i don't realise the kind of cony game you wanted to be playing

From: gift4me007
To: norman
Date: Fri 19/11/2004 11:28

Hello Norman,
I was so flabbergasted when i read your message tellng me that you've cashed
the cheque at the local cheque exchange,and you want to use my money to buy another
car of your choice,so what you're talking about is that you wanted to run away with
my money,right?because i don't realise the kind of cony game you wanted to be
playing,but norman,you've not been this way since we started the transacton,you've
been a trust and honest man,so why are you saying this norman,if you know you're no
longer selling the boat for me,kindly send back my money to me,and if you know you
wish to sell,kindly contact the shipping agency for their information to claim their
shipping fees,so they can come for the pick up as soon as possible.
Get back to me as soon as possible so that i can know what to do,alright.
Expecting your fast response.
God bless.

N;B,Norman,i want you to realise that your contact address and phone number it's with
me,so there's no where you can go,you can only hide but not run away because there's
an FBI in the country.i trust in you that why i'm doing a business with you,ok.

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