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i was so baffle when i heard

From: gift4me007
To: norman
Date: 02/11/2004 06:01

Hello Norman,
Hope all is well with you,i would have got back to you while ago but it was due
to my business,i was so baffle when i heard that you've not recieved the cheque,so i
contacted my client to know whats going on from his location again,and he made me
understand that the cheque it's been sent that he didn't know what delays it,so
norman, i contacted another of my client,i forwarded your name and address to him to
issued out a cheque of 10,000pounds and deduct your money for the boat and make sure
you send the difference on the funds to the shipping agency as soon as you recieved
the cheque so they can make arrangement for the pick up of the boat,and about
contacting the shipping agency.i will like you to e-mail
them(excelshippingagency@xxx) telling them you're messaging them because they have a
boat that will be pick up from your location to my location,they knows me much
better,because they've been my shipper for years ago,thats why i have trust in their
mode of shi!
I believe and i pray that this cheque should get to you soon.
God bless you as your wishes,and thanks for being patience.
Yours Freddy.

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