Whats the Bloody Point?
Scam 11
Email 38
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someone else has been tampering with this mail box

Paranoid or what?
Looks like I got away with it.

From: fredrick jones
To: norman
Date: Sun 17/10/2004 18:11

Hello Norman,
Thanks for hearing from you,i'm now okay in this transaction.I will like you not
to mail me anymore via this e-mail box just because of one reason and other(i saw
your second message calling me muller,cos i'm not muller,i'm fred,ok.thats shows
someone else has been tampering with this mail box) ,is that alright.i will like you
to contact me via this e-mail address gift4me007@xxx,and i would have given you my
phone number while it's faulty for now,but i'm going to retrieve it back.and i will
like you to give me your contact phone number in other for me to talk to you in
person,hope all is quiet understood.
Expecting your fast response into the mail box given to you above.

N;B,I will like you to contact the shipping agency via their e-mail address which is
excelshippingagency@xxx ,let them realise that there's a boat they're going to pick
up from your location to Mr fredrick jones's location,they knows me much better cos
they've being my shipper years ago,so i have trust in them and like their mode of
shipping.Norman,and make sure you asked them for their information to claim the
difference on the funds from the internation western union money transfer,alright.
Expecting your fast response in gift4me007@xxx
God bless you as your wishes.
Yours Fred.

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