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Rotting fish and beer puke

From: norman
To: fredrickjones
Date: Sat 28/08/2004 21:15
Subject: RE: boat!!!!!!!!!59er - 098


I can't tell you if the cheque has arrived as we have had to leave that address due
to the bloody boat in the front room. It was making our lives a misery.

We are now staying with the wife's sister which in itself is not a pleasant
in this hot weather. She has really bad body odour sort of a mixture between rotting
fish and beer puke. I don't think it can get much worse than this I must tell you

Anyway we are back home late on Tuesday and hopefully I'll be able to tell you then
if the cheque has arrived. I do hope so as the sooner we moving the sodding boat the

Norman Arseglop Stoatgobbler

Actually I was on holiday and could not check

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